Hinchingbrooke School


Another ACMF grant allocation success in conjunction with LGH and Hinchingbrooke School. A significant ACMF grant of £2.4m has been secured through submission of a comprehensive bid for a new sports centre and dining hall facility, on the site of the Grade 1 Listed site, Hinchingbrooke House.


LGH continue to help secure successful Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) grant allocations for their Academy clients


These clients join the relatively few Academies (less than 7.5% of those receiving any funding in this first CIF round) who secured funding for New Capital Build projects rather than maintenance based awards (such as window and flat roof replacements). We will now be developing the schemes further with a view to starting on site early in the summer. We believe these recent Awards are testament to the rigorous approach to bidding we have developed alongside our clients.


ACMF Round 1 2014/15 Bids submitted


LGH complete 10 ACMF Bid submissions this week. Bids uploaded and the wait for the April announcement begins!


Muffin Break Coffee Shops


LGH continue to support Foodco UK LLP in their expansion programme of the increasingly popular coffee shop chain Muffin Break. Some 20 stores have been developed over the last 3 years with more anticipated in forthcoming months. Wandsworth, Leeds and Leamington Spa stores all due to open before Xmas 2013.


Knights Templar School


New Sixth Form Building constructed under an LGH supported ACMF bid which secured £1.3m of EFA funding completes and is opened by local MP Oliver Heald.


Phase 2 of Hampton College, Peterborough


This significant project completes on site providing a seamless extension of the existing school. Phase 2 completes the initial concept design enclosing the courtyard design and satellite teaching block to bring the school up to 7 FE.


ACMF Bid Round 2013/14


Takes the LGH total secured for our Academies to just under £20million of ACMF funding over the last 2 years, a success rate of 78% of all bids submitted securing funding to date.


New Opening for Muffin Break Store


The new Ashford store opened earlier this month continuing the Foodco UK LLP expansion programme with support from LGH.


Double opening of new Muffin Break Stores


Two newly completed Muffin Break stores open their doors this month in Epsom and Andover.


Easter Opening for new Muffin Break Store


New Stirling store opens.